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Previously it built its own network for each service: the telegraph network, telephone network, broadcast network, a data network. Each service provider to build and develop a network designed to provide only a certain type of service.

With the development of digital technology comes unification of data services, communication proceeds in a digital format. Today voice transmission, data, multimedia can be on the same network - a new generation of multi-service network.

Multiservice network is a universal multi-purpose medium for transmitting voice, video and data using packet switching technology (IP). Multiservice network different reliability characteristic for telephone networks (as opposed to non-guaranteed quality of communication via the Internet), and provides a low cost transmission per unit of information (via the Internet to the approximate data value).

The main task of multi-service networks is to ensure that the work of diverse information and telecommunication systems and applications into a single transport medium when to transmit data traffic, bandwidth voice, video and other services to use a single infrastructure.

Multiservice networks - it is not exactly the technology or technical concept, but rather a process doctrine or a new approach to understanding the role of today's telecommunications, based on the knowledge that the computer and the data today come out on top when compared with voice communications.

To optimize the use of existing in the Republic of Belarus of telecommunication networks and building new networks of telecommunications operators in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated 30.10.2010 of №515 «On some measures for the development of data transmission network in the Republic of Belarus" a unified republican data network (URDN).

URDN is a multiservice telecommunications network, which is to create a union of telecommunication networks of republican state bodies, local executive and administrative bodies, other state bodies, there by simplifying access to services, promoting the development of the telecommunications industry. Private companies and sole traders can also attach to URDN it's telecommunication network.

Creating URDN create conditions for market entry of service providers, which will go from the competition at the infrastructure level to the competition at the service level. Users will be able to choose the services of any operator, any service provider. A consequence of increased competition in the telecommunications market will be to increase the quality of services, more affordable and attractive prices for end users.

Creating URDN regarded as a national problem that requires joint efforts of government, business and civil society. The project is for the state strategic. Creating URDN will implement the most advanced approaches to the formation of the IT market - the separation of network owners and service providers to create favorable conditions for the development of services, reduce their cost.

The task of creating URDN will create the country's modern infrastructure data network, to introduce the latest technology, to attract investment in the telecommunications sector, to ensure the provision of services with high quality, lower the cost of services for end users.

The support network for URDN built JV "Belarusian Cloud Technologies" and put into operation in July 2014 meets the modern requirements for the construction of telecommunications networks, allows you to organize new quality services, provides access to electronic services.

Currently URDN included telecommunication network operators seventeen Belarusian telecommunication network attached thirty five telecommunications operators.