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Construction Of Communications Lines

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Since April 2010 the republican unitary enterprise "National traffic exchange center" (NTEC) coordinates of design and construction of fiber channel lines (FC) in Republic of Belarus. Coordination is being done through a special approval procedure of each planned FC construction. The purpose of this activity is to provide efficient use of existing FC infrastructure. This procedure is aimed to avoid the irrational use of finances while creating FC.

The procedure is being performed electronically with the use of special FC database (Database). Earlier, the procedure was carried out on paper. Such approach had a lot of typical for any non-automated activity limitations:
  • the information was stored uncentralized without any database at the employees PС;
  • composition and format of this information varied depending on the specific employee activity;
  • high labor intensity was required to provide any statistical/analytical reporting;
  • low efficiency of the employees;
  • high probability of technical errors.

It was decided to optimize the current process of coordination by making the following goals:
  • to implement FC accounting by the centralization of all incoming data about FC;
  • to create a tool for search in FC with possibility of rent;
  • to create the possibility of providing services with information about FC;
  • to optimize the business-process of procedure by providing electronic interaction between local authorities and customers;
  • to provide a sharing of information about FC in the Republic of Belarus.

The results of changes are:
  • the typical advantages of optimization – removing of any paper negotiation, increase the efficiency of employees;
  • optimized coordination procedure implementation time - the possibility of legally significant coordination by NTEC within 1 day;
  • introduced the marking of FC - an assigned unique identification number is the basic identifier of FC. It is needed for owners of communication lines in relations with other legal entities and state organizations. It contains information about FC such as the track of its passage;
  • the Database contains updated information about the untapped capacity lines which are free for rental;
  • an opportunity for the provision of e-services using the Database, including the use of interagency electronic interaction and workflow systems is created

These changes made it possible to optimize significantly business process of procedure and to provide a really quick and user-friendly way for NTEC customers.