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Internet Access

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International Internet network access dynamics consumption in the Republic of Belarus can be determined on the basis of growing external Internet gateway capacity dynamics.

The consumption of international Internet access services in the Republic of Belarus is characterized by high growth rates. The external gateway for Internet access is constantly expanding in order to improve the quality of Internet access services provided to consumers, redundancy protection and individual destinations load on reducing.

Providing Internet access services for telecommunication carriers is the most important segment of NTEC's activity. Due to the national scale data network presence, an extensive partner’s network, as well as points of presence at major European traffic exchange sites, NTEC is empowered to provide telecommunication carriers with guaranteed high quality services by attractive rates. In particular, NTEC offers the following services:

International Internet access is carried out through its own backbone network. Dedicated leased-lines is organized by DWDM technology on world's leading vendors modern equipment and provide bidirectional digital signals (data, voice, video) transmission. Carriers are provided with efficient information on the Internet and NTEC's networks, support service is available 24/7/365.

Providing telecommunication carriers with Internet access Service is rendering for:

  • legal entities licensed by the Ministry of communications and information technology to provide data transmission services;
  • organized in multiples of 10 Gbit/s;
  • the price is determined in accordance with the price-list attached below

NTEC's rates for Internet access service

Enforced from 01.03.2018



Measure unit

Rate without VAT* (BYN per month)


Internet access Service providing for telecommunication carriers

85 440.00

Note: the value-added tax rate is counted according to Republic of Belarus legislation.