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New Web site

Навигация по разделу «Пресс-центр»

New web site of republican unitary enterprise “National traffic exchange center” is opened. You can find on it all the necessary information about company activities:

services provided by the company;
administrative procedures;
explanational of the company activities;
contact information of responsible specialists and departments.
The company was created with a view of improving the modern infrastructure of data communication network through the introduction of new infocommunication technologies, to increase the quality and decrease cost of data services in the Republic of Belarus.

Our new corporate style consist of the most advanced color and graphic solutions which represent a basic trends on the modern infocommunication technologies.
The company logo is drawn by front and trade mark which show openness and global.The web site supplements that impression by convenient presentation of enterprise services urban view of the capital of the Republic of Belarus.
The web site is translated to three languages: russian, belarussian, english.

The web site made in Astronim*.

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